The board and train program is a 21 day intensive training program that will work for any dog or owner. From newly acquired dogs, to dogs with a history of issues, we will make a huge difference in behavior.  Our one of a kind board and train program immerses the dog into a highly structured environment that takes place in the trainers home.  The dogs are in training 24/7, whether we are actively training on basic obedience or behavior modification, or just practicing good manners in the home.   Your dog has to follow the same rules that my own personal dogs do. The dog is exposed to multiple well-balanced dogs, as well as learning from all members of the family, male and female, adult and child.  This all encompassing approach in a real world environment is what allows our program to deliver maximum results.  

21-day Standard Board and Train Program - $2250

Basic Obedience - Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Loose Leash Walking, Home Manners and Etiquette.
Place bed and training collar (if required) is included.  

21-day Off Leash Board and Train Program - $2750

Basic Obedience- Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Heel, Recall (come), Home Manners and Etiquette,   
Place bed and remote collar (E collar technologies Mini-Educator ET-300) is included.

Behavior Modification (additional cost / time may be required) - Aggression, Separation Anxiety, Jumping, Counter surfing, excessive barking, nipping, housebreaking, or any other nuisance behavior your dog may be exhibiting.    

Ask about our multi-dog discount!