About Andrew Horan, Founder of Citizen K9

Hello, I'm Andrew Horan, Owner and Head Trainer at Citizen K9. I live in Gainesville, VA with my wife Diane, two children Olivia and Owen, and dogs Capone and Lilo. My family is the most important part of my life, they give me all the love, strength, support, and motivation I could possibly ask for.

My journey to become a dog trainer:

After serving 8 years in the U.S. Army Counterintelligence Corps, then 4 years as both a government contractor and DoD Civilian, I decided it was time for me to work for myself. I have always loved being around dogs, but never gave it much thought as being a profession. During my last assignment in Iraq, I was recently married, and had our first child on the way.  I started thinking about potential new careers that wouldn't have me traveling all over the world.  Dogs kept coming to the top of the list.  I left Government service in July 2010, and started working at a large full service pet resort in Northern Virginia while also going back to school earning my degree in business administration.


During my time at the pet resort, it became very clear that there was a large need for quality training in my area. After completing my business degree, I enrolled at the Triple Crown Academy for Professional Dog Trainers in Hutto, TX (now Starmark Academy). After 3 months of training 6 days a week, 12+ hours a day, I graduated in the top of my class with a certification in canine training and behavior modification. I returned to Northern VA and worked under two very experienced trainers for a year before refocusing on Citizen K9 and building the business to what it is today. 

I pride myself on my ability to connect with families, and their dogs. I treat each and every client as I would like to be treated. I do not believe in high pressure sales, and never hold information back from you. I believe in 100% transparency. I realize that people are reaching out to me because they need help, while I may not be the best fit for everyone, I am always open to discussing options and providing as much information as possible so families can make the most educated decision.