My expectations were exceeded when my dogs returned to me after their 3 weeks of Off Leash training instructed by Andrew. When they came home I was shocked with how well they listened and responded to commands. Andrew did a great job relaying the information on how to farther carryout their training and gave suggestions unique to each dog. I'm looking forward to the near future when I can go hiking and my dogs and enjoy their time off leash while remaining under complete control by me. Well done Andrew and thank you for the help!

- Case VW via Google

We added a new four-legged family member last year and realized that he would be a challenge for us to properly train. We contacted Andrew when Cody (the puppy) was about a year old. We had an initial consultation to discuss our needs and our dog’s needs, and decided on using Citizen K9’s Board and Train program. Andrew was AMAZING!!! He was fantastic with Cody and brought back our fluffy, floppy dog....but the new-and-improved version!!! The difference in Cody is incredible. He came back to us with all the basics and made our work with him at home effortless. Andrew spent nearly two hours with us on the day Cody returned home to show us what Cody could do, and how we needed to reinforce things at home. He even took time to help our six-year-old son understand what was going on and how he could help Cody continue to grow and learn. We love, love, love Citizen K9 and Andrew for helping us make Cody a great family member!!!
— Nena D.
Andrew is really great. He came quickly when I was in trouble with a newly adopted stray who was biting my husband. I liked the fact he wasn’t demanding of me becoming the alpha but worked on behaviors I was able to change and didn’t make me feel bad when I had trouble with some of the modifications. I also liked that he had a positive attitude giving me confidence that everything will work out. This is a process and I know with Andrews quiet and patient manner we will accomplish our goals. He brought another dog and a helper to show me how to work with my dog and his dog aggression.
— Marilyn S.
“Andrew was great! He was prompt and courteous, and he took the time to find out as much as he could about our dogs. His advice has been very helpful. I highly recommend him!
— Elizabeth S.
We recently sent our 10 month old rescue lab to training with Andrew at Citizen K9 for two weeks. We selected Citizen K9 because during her training period she would live in his house with his two personal dogs and family instead of being in a kennel most of the day . It was obvious when we met him that he cared about dogs, and when Andrew returned her two weeks later he took his time explaining what we needed to do to continue the training. Addie’s training was successful! She is now a great walker,and follows sit, down, come, stay and place. We now have an energetic puppy we can control and enjoy. We highly recommend Andrew at Citizen K9.
— Sharon W.
Andrew helped us with our new puppy Bella, an American Bulldog. She wouldn’t go outside for a walk, we had to drag her to get her down the driveway. With Andrews help and common sense tips, we were able to finally get her to slowly start walking around the block. She is now 1 1/2 years old and walks are her favorite activity!
What impressed me the most was how he didn’t ‘sell’ us a package of lessons. He met with the whole family, asked us about our routine and Bella’s routine, watched what we did with Bella and gave us hint/tips on how to improve our interaction with Bella. We met again with Andrew about a couple of months later to ‘tweak’ what we had learned in our previous session. I would highly recommend Citizen K9!
— Carolina D.
I can’t thank Andrew enough. He was amazing with our 7 month old havanese. She went to stay with Andrew for 14 day board and train. She came back a transformed dog. She had become very hyper and nippy prior to her training. We were becoming frustrated and were at a loss for how to manage these behaviors. Andrew not only corrected these behaviors but gave us amazing guidance on how to continue the progress. The stress and frustration of dealing with the negative behaviors has vanished. His skill and knowledge are amazing. I can’t recommend him enough. As a bonus, he also boards and I wouldn’t choose any other place to send her if we need to travel.
— Jen T.
Andrew was responsive, professional, and accommodating. My dog was exhibiting aggressive dominant behavior over my roommate’s dog resulting in injury to both the dog and myself. I contracted Andrew for a 2 week boarding/training session. He picked up my dog, provided a training outline, and made me feel very comfortable with the situation. During the 2 week period he provided regular progress updates and even incorporated my roommates dog into the training. Upon return he provided a comprehensive list of in-home training guidelines, and answered every question I had. I have seen immediate progress in my dog, I feel prepared to continue the training and am VERY satisfied with the service I received. If any other problems or boarding needs arise in the future I will not hesitate to call Andrew
— David E
I like that [Andrew] allowed me to come to his place to check him out. [.........]Andrew gave me 45 minutes of his time, showed me around, answered all my questions, total transparency and no charge for that meet and greet.

He then kept me updated on Musashi and then sent me pictures. As the close out, he thoroughly explained how Musashi did, his weaknesses and what I need to work on - very thorough very understandable. He showed me all the commands, we walked through them together and he really did like my dog. I would recommend his services to others.
— Lona I.
I would personally like to thank Andrew Horan and Citizen K9 for transforming our new rescue puppy Amber from a crazy mess into a wonderful obedient dog.

We rescued Amber because she was a cute, fun puppy that played well with my kids. But, she didn’t know any commands, had zero obedience, and didn’t know how to walk on a leash. The bigger issue was shortly after we rescued her she randomly started attacking our other dog and she was very skittish so we couldn’t take her out in public because she would try to attack other dogs and bark like crazy at any people around.

Andrew was awesome! I explained that Amber had some major issues that needed to be worked on and Andrew was more than accommodating. We sent Amber away with Andrew for his 10 day training. One of the things I liked the most while she was gone was that Andrew sent us some pictures and posted some on Facebook to let us know she was okay. One thing I really respected was when Andrew let me know he wanted to keep her for a few extra days to make sure she was fully trained.

I’m still in awe!!! Amber is like a different dog. She is obedient and knows all sorts of commands. She walks perfect on a leash now. She has not attacked my other dog. We take her with us everywhere. She is fantastic in public now whereas before we couldn’t take her anywhere.

I can’t thank Andrew and Citizen K9 enough. Andrew took a dog that had all sorts of issues and transformed her into a wonderful dog that everyone loves. If Andrew can transform my dog he can transform yours too.

I highly recommend Andrew and Citizen K9! Thank you Andrew for everything!
— Nick B.
Andy took our Cattle Dog and made our household sane again. He then transferred his techniques to us. We are so pleased with the results that we recommend him all the time and we use him to board our dog.
— Mary O.
It was a pleasure working with Andrew who worked diligently with our small pup Harold. Even though our pooch is small, he still packs quite a punch, and Andrew was very patient working with him. I like Andrew’s no-nonsense, but friendly approach. He’s very adamant about using positive reinforcement, and is super flexible with our schedules. I live out in Fairfax, and he traveled all the way out around 7pm to work with all of us! I highly recommend him to anyone with any size dog, dealing with any kind of temperament. Definitely worth it!
— Samantha T.
Andrew is Northern Virginia’s Dog Whisperer. He does great with all dogs, big and small, young and old. I’ve seen him work wonders with dogs I thought would be a lost cause. And I’m not just saying this because he was my neighbor and good friend for about 4 years. I can honestly say that I’ve witnessed his work, and his cool and collective disposition, along with his use of positive reenforcement to get his clients dogs trained is just amazing. I highly recommend him.
— Esteban E.
Andrew was referred to me, strangely, by my electrician, after he noticed all the trouble I was having with my dog Tetley. Tetley is a 1 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier with infinite amounts of energy. I had previously sent her to overnight “boot camp” for 3 weeks which cost a fortune with little or no results. The commands were very hard for me to remember let alone my 4 young boys. I knew I needed more help. After contacting Andrew, he made a home visit so he could meet Tetley and my family and to discuss what I was hoping to achieve from the training. I chose to have Andrew take Tetley to his home for training as I wasn’t sure how dedicated and consistent I could be with 4 boys running around. Tetley stayed with Andrew’s family and their 2 dogs - who were great at showing Tetley what the correct behavior should be. After 3 weeks Tetley was a changed dog - in all the best ways. She stopped jumping all over the kids, stopped climbing on the kitchen table and would wait to eat or be let out. It was amazing! Andrew walked my entire family through everything she had learned and explained what we needed to do in order to maintain her progress. My boys are now in charge of feeding her and tell her to sit and wait to eat and she listens! Even Tetley’s breeder couldn’t believe the change - she immediately asked for Andrew’s contact information so she could refer her Virginia puppy owners to him for training. It’s been a few months since we completed training and Tetley is doing great. Anytime something new comes up (e.g. we got a rescue dog/dog park issues), Andrew has always been available for questions and advice. I couldn’t recommend him more.
— Kara M.
Andrew was wonderful with helping us with our three dogs. The addition of a new puppy had upset the balance in the household, and the older two had developed some behavior problems. Andrew came to the house promptly, spent almost two hours assessing the problem and talking to us the first night, then gave us suggestions on what we could do to improve the situation, which really worked. I know I’m not the best dog handler, but he never talked down to me or made me feel like I was the problem. All the dogs are getting along well, now, and have learned some fun behaviors along the way!
— Laurie P.
Citizen K-9 is the best for dog training and boarding!
— Alice M.